ProNet Vascular Access Protection


2G Medical proudly introduces it’s latest innovation ProNet. This pioneering product will provide patients with a tubular gauze precut into 8″ lengths. More importantly it will provide patient comfort and promote safety for IV tubing and vascular access devices. Looking to buy in bulk – Contact Us

Each Pack Comes with Three (3) Pieces

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ProNet-On• Designed to conform to the anatomy of any size arm, pediatric or adult to protect the patient’s vascular access device from potential dislodgment or possible removal.
• May be used to cover and protect PICC lines and peripheral lines from getting caught on items that could cause a potential injury risk to patient’s vascular access device or the patient.
• Provides patients with increased comfort and security.
• Soft tubular gauze netting that replaces adhesive tapes and wraps for protecting vascular access devices or retaining wet and dry dressings.
• Tubular gauze won’t constrict on the patients arm.
• Conveniently packaged and cut into 3 individual strips 8” in length.
• Available in a universal size to fit your medical requirements.
• Made in the USA

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2GPN6, size 6, 3/pouch, precut 8” long. Large, 2GPN6-10, Size 6, 3/pouch, precut 10” long. X Large, 2GPN7-10, Size 7, 3/pouch, precut 10” long. XX Large

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