2G Medical proudly introduces two new patient protection products designed to prevent infections and improve patient outcomes.
HydroSeal Shower Protection Barrier provides a waterproof seal to prevent a vascular access device or dressing from getting wet during showering.
HydroSeal includes the innovative “Performance Tab System” engineered to allow clinicians to access the release paper, leading to a faster and easier application!
Click on the “HydroSeal” tab for CDC Guidelines, Brochure, Ordering Information, DFU, and Areas of Application.

ProNet is a tubular gauze product that is packaged as three (3) precut 8” pieces per pouch. ProNet is designed to protect PICC lines and peripheral lines preventing accidental dislodgement or movement of a catheter. Patients enjoy the increased comfort and security.

Our products are “Made in the USA” at an FDA approved ISO 13485 facility