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  • By Rob - Reply

    They not only allow you to shower.. they allow you to leave one side unpeeled so as to not stick to other dressings and then you can overlap another hyrdoseal which makes removal easy and leaves the wound dressing intact… We use them at home but soon to be used at my work facility… Nice to shower after so long due to wound dressings… Rob.. Nurse

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you Rob!

  • By Matthew - Reply

    These really do work great. I receive the 7×7 size from home health care, they don’t carry other sizes and it was a bit large for me (I’m not very big) so I cut mine into four sections, overlap to 5×5 size, and seal cut edges with surgical tape. Not quite according to the way they were intended to be used but the hydroseal components have always held up. Sized correctly they should be perfect.

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply


      Please contact me @ 2gmedicalww@gmail.com. I would be happy to provide you with 5″x5″ samples!!

      Warren Wallis
      President & CEO
      2G Medical

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you Mathew!

  • By Cindy - Reply

    Love this product! So much easier than the Press and Seal – my only option while in the hospital for a month. They also do a much better job keeping the area covered dry.

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you Cindy!

  • By Ron Frazier - Reply

    IS the hydro seal covered by Medicare?

  • By Linda Crostic - Reply

    These barriers are a lifesaver! My husband has a biliary drain and showers were the biggest hassle until we found the barriers. So amazing! I wish you could buy them by the box!

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you Linda!

  • By Lori - Reply

    We are a Lyme family. After several months of oral meds, we have PICC lines. I didn’t have this product when I have my PICC. Our son now has his PICC and uses it.
    It is WONDERFUL!
    We put this on his arm over his PICC dressing (be careful to get the sticky edges on your skin and not the dressing), and then we wrap it tightly with Glad Press-n-seal and tape on each end. It stays dry!

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you Lori!

  • By Linda Crostic - Reply

    2gmed products are of good quality and their customer service reps provide fast and efficient service. I will only order from 2gmed for my medical needs.

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you again Linda!

  • By Anne - Reply

    I have tried 5 different brands of shower protection for my port and these are by far the best! I am able to shower without worrying about my dressing getting wet! These are a life saver! I highly recommend this product!

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Thank you Anne!

  • By Diana Hess - Reply

    My sister-in-law has used your hydroSeals and loves them, but she is having difficulty finding a supplier in her area. She lives near Frankfort, IN. Please help us.

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      There are two ways she can acquire HydroSeal. On our website, http://www.2gmed.com, Click on “Shop” and follow the prompts.
      Or she can go to Amazon and search for HydroSeal Shower Barriers.

  • By Lisa Call - Reply

    I recently got shower shields n soaked my catheter. Been trying find something go over my catheter in shower. My catheter goes from neck to top of my breast.

  • By Prue Pecorella - Reply

    What do I so if I have a problem with a shipment I just received from you? Who do I report this to?

  • By Gelacio Sanchez - Reply

    I am looking for 9×9 Hydroseal I need that size to protect my Peritoneal Dialysis while I shower and protect it from getting wet. I would like the price and Quanitity please if you can email me the prices and how many in a box I would really appreciate it.

  • By Arlen Strader - Reply

    The description says there are 7 pieces per pack (1 week’s worth)? Is that all one gets for 9.75 (7×7 version)? Or, are there multiple packs per box?

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      Basically a dollar per shower helps to prevent a water born bacteria from becoming an infection costing a patient or provider significant money and possibly their life!