CDC Guidelines for Catheter Maintenance

Do not submerge the catheter under water. Showering should be permitted if precautions can be taken to reduce the likelihood of introducing organisms into the catheter (e.g., if the catheter and connecting device are protected with an impermeable cover during the shower).


HydroSeal Applications

  • Peripheral and Central Venous lines
    • Peripheral IV’s, Subclavian & Jugular IV’s, PICC lines, Chemo ports, Hickman catheters, Broviac catheters
  • Surgical Sites
    • Abdominal surgery
      • Post-op incisions, and Ostomy sites
    • Cardiovascular
      • CVP lines
      • Sternotomy sites
    • Orthopedics
      • Knee
      • Hip & Shoulder surgery
      • Back surgery
      • Cast Protection

Features Include:

• Performance Enhanced Tab System

• Easy to visualize site

• Cost Effective

• Patient Satisfaction and Comfort

• Made in the USA


Sizes: Part #:

5 x 5 – HS5X5

7 x 7 – HS7x7

9 x 9 – HS9x9

10 x 12 – HS10x12

12 x 14 – HS12x14

7 x 22 – HS7x22




Directions for Use

Step 1:
Wash hands and prepare sight accordingly before applying HydroSeal.


Step 2:
Assess site and choose the appropriate sized sheet of HydroSeal to cover site. The adhesive border should extend beyond the dressing or area you want to prevent from getting wet. (Apply HydroSeal to clean dry skin. Creams and Lotions may inhibit the adhesive qualities of HydroSeal.)


Step 3:
Remove top release liner from adhesive and adhere to skin.


Step 4:
Remove the bottom release liner adhesive and adhere to skin.


Step 5:
Remove release liner with Performance Enhanced Tabs and adhere to skin.


Step 6:
Remove opposite release liner with Performance Enhanced Tabs and adhere to skin.


Step 7:
Adhesive should be pinched together onto itself and around tubing to create a tight seal. Smooth outer border using firm pressure to ensure a proper seal around entire border of HydroSeal.


Step 8:
After showering, carefully remove HydroSeal in the direction of hair growth and dispose of accordingly.



  • Discontinue use if patient has an adverse reaction to or irritation from the product.
  • Do not remove and reposition adhesive once applied to skin.
  • Routinely inspect HydroSeal during showering.
  • Discard if packaging is opened or damaged.
  • Single Use Only.
  • Dispose of accordingly after use.
  • Latex-Free.


Download & Print Product Specifications .pdf
(May take a few minutes to load):


Download & Print Directions for Use .pdf
(May take a few minutes to load):


4 thoughts on “HydroSeal

  • By Ron Frazier - Reply

    IS the hydro seal covered by Medicare?

  • By Diana Hess - Reply

    My sister-in-law has used your hydroSeals and loves them, but she is having difficulty finding a supplier in her area. She lives near Frankfort, IN. Please help us.

    • By 2gmedicalww - Reply

      There are two ways she can acquire HydroSeal. On our website, http://www.2gmed.com, Click on “Shop” and follow the prompts.
      Or she can go to Amazon and search for HydroSeal Shower Barriers.

  • By Lisa Call - Reply

    I recently got shower shields n soaked my catheter. Been trying find something go over my catheter in shower. My catheter goes from neck to top of my breast.

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